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Leeza Gibbons Interviews Marilyn Acres of Diamonds Women and Retirement Coaches

Our Financial Planning Process

Financial planning is just one step to help you design your ideal lifestyle. We are dedicated to support you as you build your Prosperity BluePrint that guides you on your road to financial independence, as well as, to make a bigger impact on your family, your community and the causes you care about deeply.

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People We Serve

We love working with our business owners, entrepreneurs and health care professionals to establish their Personal Prosperity BluePrints. With laser like focus, we support our clients as they travel on their road to financial independence. 

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Savvy Women

We have and continue to build a community for Savvy Women, where we can enjoy learning, meeting new colleagues and friends, as well as, taking time to take care of ourselves. Our mantra is “Taking Control of Our Work; Our Wealth; Our Worth”, a message that Marilyn wrote about in her book , “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women”. This little book has started a movement to build comraderie, collaboration and confidence, so that “We Can Build a Brighter Future for All Women”.

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Have you designed your ideal lifestyle?  Are you on the path to financial independence?

Marilyn Suey interviewed by Forbes Riley, "The Queen of Selling on TV" (over $2billion in sales) and Kevin Harrington, The Original "Shark Tank" Shark and Inventor of the Informercial (over $4 billion in sales on TV).

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