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About Us

The Diamond Group is an independent wealth management firm that empowers its clients to design and define their ideal lifestyles starting today, for tomorrow and for life. We follow a disciplined planning system, “Your Prosperity BlueprintTM Process”, that enables our clients to design their customized plan which will guide them as they travel on the road toward financial independence.

Our clients understand that their wealth is more than their money. Working with us, using our Prosperity BlueprintTM Process, we collaborate and support our clients to take care of their families, and the people and causes they care about deeply.

Your Prosperity BlueprintTM includes your overall plan, a wealth accumulation strategy and tactics; wealth protection strategy and tactics and a wealth preservation strategy and tactics that serve you and your family. We collaborate with you every step of your journey to keep you on the road toward financial independence.

Please give us a call to see if we are a good fit to support you as you design your ideal lifestyle.

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