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Prosperity BlueprintTM

Your Prosperity BlueprintTM includes your overall plan and a set of strategies and tactics for: 

1) Wealth accumulation

2) Wealth Protection

3) Wealth Preservation

We collaborate with you every step of your journey to keep you on the road toward financial independence.

  1. Discovery—We will meet to hear your story, to understand your values and goals, and to make an initial assessment of your current financial state of affairs.
  1. Prosperity BluePrint ™—Presentation of our complete analysis of your current situation and recommendations for how we can bridge gaps between where you are now to where you envision your future goals. 
  1. Mutual Commitment—We’ll make a mutual decision about whether or not we can add value for you and if we should proceed to be of service to you. 
  1. 45-Day Follow-Up—Ensure that any investment actions, insurance or other transactions are properly reviewed with written status. 
  1. Regular Progress Reviews—Review any new developments in your personal, business or financial situation and how are you doing towards your long-term goals.