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Your Prosperity BluePrint Process™

We are committed to supporting our clients to make the best use of the resources they have available. To do so, we use a five-step wealth management process to determine and implement the plan that we believe serves you best in pursuing your goals. We have three major items that we feel are critical to your Prosperity BluePrint Process.  

  1. To understand your true goals, needs, challenges, and opportunities
  2. To create an optimal plan for you to pursue these goals
  3. To help you keep on track at each step of the process

  1. The Discovery Meeting. At our initial meeting, we’ll conduct a personal discovery interview. This meeting has two primary goals: to hear your story and to understand your values, your goals, and to make an initial assessment of your current financial state of affairs. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that you see in achieving all that is important to them. We’ll look at where they are, where they want to go, and how we can maximize the possibility of getting there. 
  1. The Prosperity BluePrint Meeting. At this meeting, we present our complete analysis of your current situation and recommendations for how we can bridge the gaps between where you are now to where you envision your future goals.  This plan forms the foundation for all of our work for you. 
  1. Mutual Commitment Meeting. At this point, we’ll be ready to make a mutual decision about whether or not our firm can add substantial value for you and if we should proceed. If all agree to work together, we will execute the documents necessary to put the initial plan into motion. 
  1. The 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting. We will meet and ensure that any investment actions, insurance or other transactions are properly reviewed with written status. We will share your BluePrint Process, and enable you to have access to your plan on demand. We use wealth management software, from e-Money, which will allow us to collaborate at anytime and anywhere you have a secure internet connection. 
  1. Regular Progress Reviews. The progress reviews, which we’ll schedule based on a client’s needs, give us an opportunity to review any new developments in the client’s personal, business or financial situation. We always systematically review the client’s overall progress toward their long-term goals. We repeat this Regular Progress Review schedule as long as we are working together. 

We recognize that your situation and goals may change over time. Our Prosperity Blueprint Process™ accommodates new developments in your life. The process may be restarted whenever we mutually determine that a new analysis is warranted.