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Retirement Plans

We collaborate with our clients and help them design the most suitable retirement plan for their business or non-profit. Whether it is a 401(k), 403b, SEP IRA or a Defined Benefit Plan, we have the resources to help you establish your plan.

We work with an experienced team to manage your plan’s investments, administer your plan design and ensure that you and your plan participants are educated on how the plan supports your retirement goals and objectives.

Marilyn Suey is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®


Our retirement plan services include three main areas: investment management, sponsor advisory services and plan participant services.

Investment Management: Our services include preparing an investment policy statement, selecting investment options, selecting a participant default investment option, monitoring performance of investment options, developing model portfolios for participants who prefer to have their assets professionally managed, assisting in disclosures to participants and regularly reporting on returns and risk.

  • Sponsor/Employer Advisory Services: We can act as co-fiduciaries alongside you as trustees (3/21 Fiduciary). We will help monitor your service providers, including our firm, to ensure that we fulfill our fiduciary duty to the plan and to the plan participants. We assist you in your duty to uncover the following: fees and expenses paid from plan assets, to whom the fees are paid and whether the fees and expenses are reasonable for the services provided. We schedule regular meetings (usually twice a year) and lead education sessions for your plan participants. We can meet more often as you and your plan participants require.  

  • Plan Participant Services: Our services include regular education and enrollment meetings (additional meetings can be requested) to provide participants with the information they need to manage their individual accounts. We meet both in group settings and individually to help participants reach their goals. Our experience in providing wealth management services and our in-depth knowledge of comprehensive financial planning provides additional value to our participants.


Our fees are calculated based on a percentage of the market value of the retirement plan assets (i.e., the total value of all plan participant account values). Our fee-only compensation removes conflicts of interest and helps to ensure you and your plan participants receive impartial advice.

2024 Plan Comparison

2024 Plan Comparison

5 Retirement Strategies

5 Retirement Strategies

As a business owner, you face unique challenges when building a financial future. This report provides insights into mistakes small business owners often make and steps to take when building toward the retirement you desire.

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