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Women In Transition

When a woman loses a spouse or is engaged in a divorce, her world is changed fundamentally. It is often a time of great trauma and anxiety with many new concerns to be resolved. An advisor who has a special sensitivity to women in transition at these difficult times can add immeasurably to her sense of confidence, security, and support. Our firm is dedicated to the special needs of women in these times and beyond.

We provide personalized guidance for each client. We know that the widowed or divorced woman requires a different type of support and guidance compared to someone who is not facing these emotional and financial challenges. Our three-phase process provides the time and structure necessary to help you cope with the urgent - and delay the not so urgent tasks until you have the strength and clarity to act on them.

During transition periods several advisors are often called upon to work through the issues at hand. We are available to be an integral part of your team. The many voices of an attorney, accountant, and appraiser can feel overwhelming. Important details may be forgotten. If you desire, we will coordinate the activities and information of multiple professional advisors acting on your behalf and help you make sense of it all.