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How often should I meet with my private wealth manager? >>

We recommend at least twice a year, if not more. To build your customized Prosperity BluePrintTM, it will take two-to-three meetings to define, set your goals and gather financial information. Once we have your baseline data, we will meet another two-to-four times to refine and complete your plan. We will then support you as you implement your plan and take care of your Financial House.

What happens once we are done with the initial financial planning process? >>

Once we complete your initial Prosperity BluePrintTM, we will continue to work together to support the implementation of your customized financial plan. You will continue to have access to us via email/phone/virtual conference calls and we will continue to meet quarterly to update your financial plan and strategy as your lifestyle changes. As life throws you “fastballs” that are opportunities and sometimes, “curveballs” with challenges, this is the time to address these events; make changes that may alter your course but still leave you on your path to financial independence.

How does DGWA charge for financial planning services? >>

We charge an upfront fee for our initial financial planning services. This allows us to create a comprehensive plan for you to implement at the beginning of our relationship and the opportunity to be available to answer any financial planning questions that may arise in between our meetings. This allows you as a client to always feel like you can contact us at any time.

Do I receive a financial plan? >>

Yes, you will receive your customized Prosperity BluePrintTM. Furthermore, you will have access to your own client portal that is accessible 24/7. While the financial plan is a great roadmap, it is not where the most value comes from. We believe the most value comes from our relationship and your access to us as your personal guide—someone who can act as a partner to support you as take your life’s journey and work toward your financial goals.

How can I set up a budgeting system that actually works? >>

We will work together to create a spending plan that supports your lifestyle and identifies all your current income and expenses. We will discuss best ways for you to use this custom spending plan on a regular basis to track your money. We like to use the phrase, “Let’s make your MONEY work harder for you rather than the other way around”.

Will DGWA help me understand my accounts now? >>

Yes, we will help you understand what’s currently happening in your Financial House. This means that we will review the types of accounts you have and see if they are structured to support your goals and objectives. We will review how you are organized to support your Wealth Accumulation goals; what tactics you are using for Wealth Protection and if you need to take action in the Wealth Preservation arena.

What if I have debt? Will DGWA help me with that? >>

Yes, we will help you create a debt management strategy as part of the comprehensive financial plan. From there, if you need additional debt-management services, we will work to connect you to the appropriate professional who can help you further.

Does DGWA draft estate planning documents for me? >>

No, we are not attorneys and do not draft any estate documents. However, in our network of expert service providers, we do work closely with a team of trusted professionals and can connect you to the right person.

Will DGWA help me with my Wealth Protection goals like insurance? >>

Yes, we are a comprehensive wealth management firm and have the expertise to help you with your protection/insurance needs. As our valued financial planning client, we will support your financial goals to protect you, your business, your family and your assets.

What is DGWA's investment philosophy? >>

We believe investment management is an important aspect of the financial planning process and view your investments as a critical component of your Prosperity BluePrintTM. We will support and help you manage your assets based on your specific financial goals.

Does DGWA help me pick my investments for my 401k plan? >>

As a financial planning client, we will help you understand the investment philosophy and portfolio allocations that are offered in your 401k account. However, assuming we do not manage your company’s 401(k) plan, we cannot provide you specific advice on this account. If we are the advisor on your plan, then we can provide more education and guidance.